zhidao printing

We Are From Longgang Printing City, Wenzhou, Zhejiang. Each Family Is Doing The Packaging And Printing Process Related To Each Step Of The Workshop, Focusing On The Details Of Process Optimization. We Have A Lot Of Excellent Partners, All Kinds Of Materials, The Latest Printing Machine, 4 Color Machine, 5 Color Machine, 6 Color Machine, 7 Color Machine. Monochrome Machine, Two-color Machine, Manual Printing Machine, Creasing Machine, Bronzing Machine, Automatic Lamination, Automatic Creasing Machine, Automatic Bronzing Machine, Automatic Folder Gluer, Automatic Paste Machine, Automatic Paste Paper Bag Machine……

We Are Familiar With The Various Steps Of Packaging Printing, Integration, Optimization, And Tracking. No Factory Pressure, Responsible For Product Tracking Quality, Control And Optimization Of Various Steps, From Material Selection, Color, Indentation, Uv Technology, Polishing, Bump Tracking Optimization, To Make Fine Packaging.



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